Forward Momentum Chicago was founded on the principal of providing dance education to children and communities with limited arts access. Our commitment to servicing schools located in the city’s south and southwest neighborhoods are our number one priority. We are committed to ensuring access and equity to the BIPoC communities through dance programs that speak directly to the youth we serve. Our curriculum is developed around National Common Core Standards, National Arts Standards, and 21st Century Learning. We include a strong component SEL standards and goals which are infused throughout instruction. FMC brings professionally taught, affordable programs that celebrate the diversity of the city, out of the studio right into Chicago’s public schools and neighborhoods.

Our Big Ideas, Enduring Understanding, and Essential Questions transcend each discipline allowing students to leave dance class with critical thinking, communication, and creative processes that they can apply to their other subjects. Our programs are fun! Engaging! And best of all, affordable!

Forward Momentum Chicago programs are built upon a foundation in:

• 21st Century Learning Goals
• National Common Core Standards
• National Dance Standards
• Social Emotional Learning