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Buy Phentermine In Canada Online - Buy Real Phentermine Diet Pills

Thank you for contributing to Forward Momentum Chicago (FMC). Your gift ensures that we continue to bring dance to children in Chicago who need it most. Your support enables the continued development and creativity of some of the city’s most talent youth. 

With your help, we can provide programming to more schools, reach more students and continue to offer free dance classes through our three Community Centers.  Our 2019 Summer Dance Camps brought dance to over 200 children and the FMC Dance Collaborative programs with After School Matters allowed us to work with some of the city’s most promising high school students. 

None of this will be possible without the support of donors like you. All contributions, great and small, ensure the work we do continues to impact the lives of the students we serve. Investing in the artistic growth and development of our children’s future is invaluable and the rate of return immeasurable. Your generosity will make it possible for us to reach more children this year and provide opportunities on so many levels. 

Thank you for your continued support.