Creative Schools Fund

The Creative Schools Fund is a grant making partnership between Ingenuity and CPS’ Department of Arts Education to support the expansion of arts education in schools. Forward Momentum Chicago is a multi-award winning arts partner with the Creative Schools Fund. We pair our innovations in dance education with your ideas to develop an exciting and engaging program that is the best fit for your school community. For more information on how to become a partner with Forward Momentum Chicago through the Creative Schools Fund you please visit


2015-2016 Creative Schools Fund Programs 

Forward Momentum Chicago is proud to have partnered with the following schools and provided programming unique to the school’s needs and community.

  • Daniel R Cameron Elementary School expanded their programming from the previous year to provide in-depth technique classes for a broad group of students
  • Bret Harte Elementary School had a program surrounding the works and teachings of Maya Angelou.
  • Francis M McKay Elementary School focused their program around Zumba and health and fitness for six classrooms.
  • Parker Community Academy studied the work and influence of Alvin Ailey. Click here for a snippet of their final presentation!
  • Isabelle C O’Keeffe Elementary School studied the music and dance experiences of the story of The Wizard of Oz from the original story to Wicked to The Wiz.
  • James G Blaine Elementary School programming includes all first through fourth grade classrooms as they explore butterflies, habitats, forces in motion, and the law of the conservation of energy.
  • Lenart Elementary Regional Gifted Center studied Latin and African dances and their sub-genres.
  • William H Seward Communication Arts Academy studied contributions from Latin and South America.
  • Johnnie Colemon Elementary Academy studied and learned the Tchaikovsky’s Firebird and performed by Dance Theatre of Harlem.