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Online Phentermine Consultation - Get Prescribed Phentermine Online

The Creative Schools Fund is a grant making partnership between Ingenuity and CPS’ Department of Arts Education to support the expansion of arts education in schools. Forward Momentum Chicago is a multi-award winning arts partner with the Creative Schools Fund. We pair our innovations in dance education with your ideas to develop an exciting and engaging program that is the best fit for your school community. For more information on how to become a partner with Forward Momentum Chicago through the Creative Schools Fund you please visit Buy Phentermine Capsules Online.

Online Phentermine Consultation - Get Prescribed Phentermine Online

Forward Momentum Chicago is proud to partner with the following schools and provided programming unique to the school’s needs and community.

  • Daniel R Cameron Elementary School is celebrating the community culture with a dance program “Exploring our Latin Heritage.”
  • Bret Harte Elementary School has a new residency learning Latin Dance with a focus on the history of the Salsa.
  • Dewey Elementary Academy of Fine Arts is exploring the relationship and correlations of African dance and Hip Hop culture.
  • James G Blaine Elementary School programming includes all first through fourth grade classrooms as they explore the water cycle, animal adaptations, forces in motion, and the law of the conservation of energy.
  • Providence Englewood Charter is working with Forward Momentum Chicago to pilot an onsite dance program on their campus.
  • William H Seward Communication Arts Academy is dancing around the world with a focus on vocabulary as they learn the history of a variety of cultural dances.
  • James W Johnson Elementary has a 10-week residency that begins with a whirlwind five weeks of studying different dance styles and will culminate with student created choreography in the second five weeks.
  • Esmond Elementary is exploring past and present African heritage through the study of regional African dances.
  • Salmon P Chase Elementary is thrilled to be providing Latin Dance to young students in grades pre-K through 2nd.
  • Ada S. McKinley High School is exploring themes of Social Justice through dance.
  • Joshua D Kershaw Elementary is studying individuals of African descent from around the world who have brought positive influence to society.
  • Laura Ward STEM Elementary exposes 2nd and 3rd grade classrooms to a variety of dance genres in preparation for a dance celebration for community and peers at the end of the semester.
  • George B McClellan Elementary is exploring the different cultures housed in their school through Latin and Hip Hop dance styles.
  • Oliver S Westcott Elementary is extending their year-long residency of African and Hip Hop dance for first, fourth, fifth, and eighth grade students.