Regardless of program structure, Forward Momentum Chicago offers dance education in a variety of dance styles. In addition to the movement, students also learn the culture of the dance style’s origin and how aspects of that culture inspired specific movements in the dance. For example, when studying the South African Gumboot dance, students learn how the rhythmic hitting and stomping of their boots served as a way for gold miners to communicate when the mine bosses banned verbal communication amongst the workers.

The descriptions below provide insight into our more popular dance styles. Adult, Zumba, and custom classes/programs are available upon request. Please contact us to discuss tailoring programs or classes to fit your needs. The possibilities are endless!

Class Descriptions:

Ballet – Ballet isn’t just for ballerinas. Travel to France to learn the history of ballet and dance in King Louis XIV’s court. Students learn traditional ballet movements and develop a solid foundation of dance fundamentals.

Latin – You don’t need to speak Spanish to enjoy Latin dances from south of the border. Students may not know the language, but they certainly know Cha Cha Cha, Mambo, Merengue, Salsa, Bachata, and Cumbia.

African – Students won’t need a passport to experience the energy and excitement of West and South African dance. Travel to Ghana, Senegal, and South Africa and they dance their way across the continent.

Hip-Hop – Dive into Hip-Hop Culture and learn how to move your body to the rhythmic beats of popular music. Students focus on stretching, strengthening, and musicality through rhythmic exercises derived from techniques such as breaking, popping, flexing, and krumping.