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Tammy Hsu-Hartenstine

Tammy Hsu-Hartenstine is a dedicated and experienced arts administrator committed to ensuring all children have access and exposure to arts education. She joined the Forward Momentum Chicago team as Administrative Manager and manages the organization’s internal and external relationships and operations. Prior to joining Forward Momentum Chicago, Tammy served as the Community Engagement Business Administrator with The Joffrey Ballet’s Community Engagement Department. Tammy holds a Masters in Performing Arts Management from Columbia College Chicago and a BS in Music Industries Studies from Appalachian State University. She is also heavily involved in Ingenuity’s CAEF Advisory Panel, Sigma Alpha Iota Evanston Alumnae Chapter, and the Chicago Appalachian State Alumni Chapter.

Contact Tammy

Elizabeth Looby

Elizabeth Looby is from Columbus, Ohio where she danced for 13 years before continuing her studies at Ohio University. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Performance and Choreography, along with a minor degree in Business Administration. After graduating, she moved to Washington, DC to pursue her career in arts administration, teaching, and performing. She has served as Artistic Operations Coordinator for the John. F Kennedy Center, Teaching Artist and Outreach Coordinator for Bowen McCauley Dance Company, Administrative Intern for Dance Place, and has performed with Deviated Theatre. Elizabeth moved to Chicago to explore the vibrant dance scene and continue her passion in the performing arts field. She is extremely excited to be a part of Forward Momentum Chicago where she can share her love of dance to ambitious young performers.

Contact Elizabeth

Bradlee Lathon

As a native of Chicago, Bradlee has been dancing since the age of 8. Having participated in Gallery 37’s Advanced Arts Program and the Exelon Strobel Step-up Program under the direction of Pierre Lockett. Her love for the art of dance coupled with her passion for empowering young people has motivated her to continue to be involved with those who have made huge differences in her life. As FMC’s Program Coordinator she works to help manage and develop all dance education programs.
Bradlee currently holds a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Studies and a Master of Applied Computer Science.

Contact Bradlee

Ercelyne McCoy

Ercelyne McCoy, also known to her students as “Mama E” has been dancing since the age of 4. She started dancing at the Mayfair Academy where she also studied gymnastics. She later participated in programs with Accounters Community Center, ETA Creative Arts Foundation, Devine Expression Inc., Gallery 37 All City Dance Ensemble, and the Joffrey Ballet Strobel Step Up program. She then went on to receive my Bachelors degree of fine and applied arts in Dance at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2012. Upon graduation, Ercelyne returned to Chicago to teach with The Joffrey Ballet under the direction of Pierre Lockett. In 2014 she became a teaching artist with Forward Momentum Chicago and later became a full-time staff instructor in 2018. She says, “Dance is my passion but what feeds that passion is my ability to teach. To be able to pour into others what was simply a gift to me, just solidifies my purpose in life.”

Contact Ercelyne

Andrea Vinson

Andrea Vinson, loving known to her students as ‘Mama Andrea’, has been in the dance profession for over 25 years.  She has performed for numerous venues, which include theater, television and film.  Her present endeavors consist of being the Associate Artistic Director of Najwa Dance Corps, Teaching Artist with the Joffrey’s Middle School Dance Club, Lead Artist with AfterSchoolMatters, and master teacher with Chicago Public School’s All City Dance Ensemble. Her teaching credits take in colleges, elementary and high school, park districts, arts organizations, dance studios, professional dance companies, and theatrical productions.  She is a dance artist whose greatest joy is working with young people.  Her fundamental belief is that the arts endow its participants to understand life in a broader spectrum.  One of her professional highlights was participating with CAPE in a 3 year project in which students were tracked on the influence of arts integrated lessons. One of her latest credits include teaching for the Ailey Camp Chicago 2010 & 2011.

Contact Andrea