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Forward Momentum Chicago provides quality dance education programs to schools and communities with limited arts access. Programs are designed to not only increase dance skills and awareness, but to foster creativity, critical thinking, and social-emotional learning. From classroom residencies to formal studio training, Forward Momentum Chicago offers a variety of dance experiences for all ages and ability levels.

Can U Buy Phentermine In Stores - Buy Phentermine Cheapest

2020 will begin our year-long celebration of Boys in Dance! We admire the dedication of all our students but want to especially acknowledge our male dancers. These young artists often must overcome significant challenges throughout their dance journey; join us as we celebrate their successes and applaud their commitment to overcome some of these barriers. We are excited to kick off our annual appeal with a special two-part video series featuring boys and men from our programs. We hope you enjoy these videos and ask you to consider making a special gift as we highlight a few remarkable boys who, despite all odds, love to dance!

Thank you for supporting Forward Momentum Chicago and all our students. Your support provides opportunities for dancers, like the boys featured in this video, to develop new skills and grow in safe spaces across the city! We are incredibly proud of FMC’s accomplishments this year such as successfully launching our second summer dance camp location and receiving the Champion Award for outstanding programming in the community from the Springboard Foundation. We hope you will help us continue our momentum into the new decade! Thank you again for your support!Phentermine 50 Rx